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Posted by admin on 10th June 2010

NameCheap coupons is NameCheap’s official site for cheap domain coupons. We’ll be sharing all discounted domains, cheap web hosting, and other promotions here.

If you’d like to learn more about NameCheap and its features, go to We offer:

  • cheap domain names
  • web hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • WhoisGuard privacy protection

…and 24/7 live support.

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  1. James KingHo says:


    This is very excellent. I used to receive the month’s newsletter only couple of days later once the new month begins.

    I am not able to ebjoy the discount when i register new domains in the first few days of the month.

    Now, this dedicated site will show the coupon, promotion available, and i am able to enjoy the promotion.

    Thanks to Namecheap

  2. tamar says:

    James – we actually announce our coupon codes on Facebook and Twitter as well.

  3. Zhang says:

    This dedicated website for coupon and promo is amazing. And the newsletter is added bonus, because I will receive it on my email address.

  4. Roman says:

    Thanks, just subscribed. I need august renewal coupon !

  5. Jared Silver says:

    Great job NameCheap!

    I’m extremely excited to have the best coupon codes delivered straight to my inbox!

    – Jared,
    The Teenage Internet Marketer

  6. We would like to change our association name pending from approval from our Registry of Society. We want to change domain name as well. How to get the discount coupon before search for new domain. Please advise. Thank you.

  7. Fatan surat says:

    Thanks, I hope that i can get cheap promotion by subscribing to yours.

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