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February 2013 Coupon Codes
Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 1st February 2013

Hi everyone, happy February :)

Our coupons are ready for you!

  • FULLSWINGAHEAD is our standard domain name coupon. Limit 30 uses per account for 1 year registrations of com/net/org/biz and 1 year transfers of com/net/org/info/biz. 
  • SERVERSMILE will give you 20% off first month shared hosting
  • VPSCORE will give you 10% off first month VPS
For more hosting deals, check out our Winter Hosting sale for some too good to be true offers.
Want a renewal coupon? You won’t need one for the savings we include with our multi-year renewal benefits. Just renew for several years at a time for a baked-in savings!
Thanks and enjoy the new month!

    19 Responses

  1. salmanshah says:

    so, no renew coupon?

  2. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Hi Salman, yes, the post says the same.

  3. May says:

    The coupon show up at the perfect time when I need it.
    Bravo. :)

  4. Enad says:

    Please make a cuopon atleast make us pay $10 for the first year in web hosting please just like what other registrar did.

  5. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Hi Enad, please see our winter hosting specials here.

  6. Mei says:

    Hello. I didn’t understand what you meant by this: “You won’t need one for the savings we include with our multi-year renewal benefits. Just renew for several years at a time for a baked-in savings!”

    I really need a renewal coupon for my which is expiring in a few days. :(

  7. Consent says:

    Now a day..namecheap become disaster especially on coupon..i remembered around 1-2 years back..we have renewal coupon on every month..rite now maybe as a winner of 1st domain provider,NC have change..believe me,if continiuing like this GD will become 1st domain provider for 2013.
    Wanted to renew my domain..but when i see this i’m thinking to change for new provider..:(

  8. Eric says:

    It’s a shame you don’t offer a loyalty discount that would help people with dozens of domains who can’t afford to renew each domain for multiple years. I’m tempted to save a ton of money by transferring all of my domains to another registrar, again.

  9. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Hey Eric, please read this post for more details:

  10. Eric says:

    Tamar, Does that explain how you’re going to make up the $7+ difference between the $10+ renewal at NameCheap vs. the transfer to GoDaddy that is less than $3 per domain? Money talks and NameCheap’s lack of loyalty will cause us to walk.

  11. Eric says:

    I knew a canned response would be coming. Here’s a real world example, and not some blog post from over a year ago…

    I transferred a domain away from NameCheap for less than $3. I just renewed two domains at NameCheap and it cost me over $21. If I were to have transferred them instead, I would have saved $15! Multiply that many times over and it’s money anybody would like to have in their accounts…

    Renewal discounts at other registrars are readily available with a quick search, despite what I’ve seen claimed here… That would save us another $2-3 per domain next year at the other registrar, whereas NameCheap would most likely still not be offering discounts for single year renewals.

    And, in regards to multi-year renewal discounts… that’s not something that’s unique or generous. You’re not doing some huge favor by offering discounts that lock people in for more than a year.

    We shouldn’t be in the business of throwing money away, just like you’re not in the business of turning away customers… The ball’s in your court NameCheap.

  12. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Hey Eric,

    It’s not a canned response at all. While I respect that you are in this position, we can’t afford to offer renewals when we’re making pennies on every domain as it is. Bear in mind that domains cost money as defined by the registry. We don’t have that much wiggle room.

    We take pride in our high level of support and in our service offerings. But everything we said in that post, however dated it is, still holds true today.

    We apologize if we can’t help you further at this time. There are solutions to the issues, whether you choose (or not) to move forward with them. If you value your time and appreciate the service we offer, we hope you’d choose to stick around.

  13. elangajib says:

    thank you, it works

  14. Andy says:

    You make pennies? Domains cost you 18 cents.

  15. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Andy, ICANN fees are $0.18, and we charge that for com/net up front. VeriSign commands .com/.net pricing and they are close to $8-9. Other registries charge more, which is why .co, for example, is higher priced. Then we have the costs of running our support and staff to make sure you are being given the best care ever in the industry. So yes, the details provided are not untrue.

    If domains cost $0.18, I promise you that overall prices in the industry would be lower, not just on Namecheap. But that’s really not the case.

  16. Candy Man says:

    Despite the negative responses in this comments section, I love name cheap! I have been a loyal customer for a while. I started off back in the day when it was a small company and just recently got back into registering domains. I have about 4 domains and renew them all before they expire.

    Love finding this discount code!

  17. R. Moose says:

    Comparing renewals to transfers is like comparing apples to apple juice, there is a difference.

    If you renew for multiple years, there is a built in discount. If you renew 1 year at a time, you need to pay rates that are based upon what ICANN and the manager of the TLD (.com is Verisign for example.)

    If you are someone who has over 4 dozen domains, contact Namecheap Support to see how they can assist.

    I am a customer and affiliate however I do not work for NameCheap, I just use them for almost all my domain registration needs. (I keep a couple at other registrars so I have access to their interface as I need to assist new clients in migrating to NameCheap.)

  18. Steve says:

    Is the multi-year renewal “discount” only 10 cents per registration year or am I missing something?

  19. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Steve, please bear in mind that domains cost about $10, not $100. We don’t have that much wiggle room since there are costs imposed on us by the registries.

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