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Namecheap Renewal Coupon: 24 Hours Only!
Posted by Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager on 16th October 2012

To celebrate our birthday on October 24th, Namecheap is having a 24 hour coupon code valid on October 24th (EST) for a full 24 hours. Coupon code BDAYPARTY is valid for one year com/net/org renewals only and is limited to 5 domains per customer. The pricing is $8.88 plus $0.18 ICANN fee.

Don’t miss the chance to renew your domain at a discount! And remember, if you miss this, we have multi-year registration discounts too to keep the costs low!

    10 Responses

  1. Chevyman says:

    What is the discount on this coupon? You mention the coupon has limits but no mention of the costs.

  2. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Pricing is $8.88 plus the ICANN fee :)

  3. Ken says:

    Having it expire at Midnight EST =
    not fair to westcoasters! ;-0

    Just got home and have to renew without a coupon.

  4. Ken says:

    p.s. NC should mention these specials when they send out renewal notices…

  5. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Hi Ken, it’s a 24 hour coupon so that everyone, no matter where they are, can take advantage of it. When it started on 10/24 12AM EST, it was 9PM PST and therefore completely fair to West Coasters. That’s the goal we have.

    Also, if we had our coupons available all the time (e.g. sending it out in renewal notice emails), they wouldn’t be coupons and we’d get requests for even more coupons despite already having super low profit margins. That’s kind of why we advertise coupons that we hope our customers can find such as on our website, our blog, and in all social media channels. We don’t intend to exclude you, but if you checked the day after it ended, unfortunately, yes, you missed it :( Sorry about that.

  6. Yoky says:

    Ah… I missed that :(

    Just renewed two domains today

  7. Denny says:

    OMG, its late for me to see this. Is there any renewal code for th end of the year?

  8. Hiiiii
    I had pay one year for my URI in December 2012 , and I like to pay for 3 years , How and how much I must pay
    username : alnasiry
    and i am forget password

  9. John McCArty says:

    What is today coupon?

  10. Tamar, Namecheap Community Manager says:

    Hi John, the renewal coupon is not available today (this post is from 2012). You can get today’s coupons by going to the homepage of and seeing our November specials. :)

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