1. Hi Steve, currently there are none, and we explain why in this post; it’s possible we will have something in the future but I can’t say for sure right now. Your best bet is to check this blog for details.

  2. Hi Tamar
    Does the code NCSUMMER actually give a discount or is the price the same for transfers as they are without the code, $10.69, as shown in the Pricing Chart?

    Thank you

  3. Hi Lea, you may have to log in to activate the code. What TLD are you transferring?

  4. Hi Steve, our coupons are all time-based. We have special incentives for customers who have 50 or more domains in their accounts. If that’s you, please contact support!

  5. Hi TIGEFA4U, the coupon was for 50% off but has expired. Please check the September post for the updates!

  6. Mike, our September coupons are posted already. There are no Labor Day discounts though. Sorry about that!

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