July 2011 Namecheap Coupons

It’s July… which can only mean new coupons!

  • com/net/org/biz domain one year registrations are discounted with code DOTHOT.
  • shared, business, and reseller hosting accounts are discounted 10% for the first month with code HOSTSHINE.
  • VPS hosting accounts are discounted 10% for the first month with code VPS10.

And please join us on Facebook, since we’ll have a $1.99 coupon for a new com/net/org if we hit 5,000 new Likes by July 8th!


  1. Is there a way to get the .com discount code to stack for multi-year purchases? It looks like “DOTHOT” doesn’t do anything for new registrations of >1yr duration.

  2. Hi Betoq – the .us domain is already heavily discounted so the code is not valid.

  3. Hi Barbara, we do but not very often. Please be sure to check this site and updates (newsletter, social sites, etc.) for any details.

  4. You should let your chat support representatives address issues when customers have coupons that should work but don’t.

    I liked the Namecheap Facebook page on the 9th and tried to use it late on the 11th and it showed as expired for me (maybe timezone related?) Anyway, I was hoping one of the chat support reps could help me manually register it for the discounted price but was told to submit a ticket to the billing department instead. It wasn’t worth the hassle, decided just to skip the purchase instead (and removed the Like from FB in a fit of momentary annoyance).

  5. Justin, we made it clear that it ended at 12:00AM EST on July 12th. If the coupon didn’t work, it was simply that you didn’t redeem it within the proper timeframe. The chat support representatives are not responsible to redeem it after the date. This was a one day offering that we decided to offer for 3 days — from the 8th to the 11th. I apologize if you missed the deadline.

  6. Duhh No Renewal Coupon ?

    Yes We Gonna Move To Another Places Soon.. NC Now Only Do Promo For New Domain, But You’re Forgetting Your Old Customer..

    Will Request The EPP Code ASAP.. Thank For Nothing NC !

  7. Azmi, not right now. We have an announcement to make regarding renewal coupons *very* soon.

  8. hi tamar.. thanks!

    ah.. anyway, i have about more than 50+ domain at namecheap, is there any discount for renewal?

    please check my account, you can use my email..

    Thanks Tamar!


  9. Hi Release Date 😉

    Yes, once you have 50 domains in your account, we have some special incentives. Please contact support to get set up!

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