June 2014 Coupon Codes

It’s June, and that means time for some more coupon codes:

SCHOOLSOUT – standard discounts on com/net/org/info/biz reg+transfers
SIXTHMONTHDEALS – 20% off first billing cycle of shared hosting
JUNSALE – 10% off first billing cycle of VPS hosting



  1. Sorry Brad, this is not for renewals. The cost per year goes down the more years you renew so you already have a baked-in savings in that renewal attempt.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more Brad. Namecheap really need to up the offer on multiple year renewals or at least offer renewal coupons for .com renewal. This is ridiculous!!

  3. Ray, bearing in mind that domains cost only around $10 and that we see a lot less than that given that the registry takes most of it, we don’t have as much flexibility as you’d think. We responded to the request for renewal coupons here in this heart to heart post, and it’s as relevant today as it was when we first wrote it. We addressed the constant request for renewal coupons by allowing multi-year savings. This saves money, albeit not much, over time. I hope you understand that given that we make pennies on each domain registration and renewal, we don’t have as much flexibility as you’d like, but since we have been listening, we worked out this solution that we thought was a good one to give you what you wanted.

  4. Chrisitan, ICANN is not VeriSign, the actual registry for .com and several others.

    We’re a registrar, NOT the registry. We sell .com, etc. but we don’t own them. Fees go to the respective sellers – that, by definition, is the registry. ICANN is not a registry. ICANN is effectively the management arm of these various registries.

  5. @ Tamar, while I would love to have discounts as a customer ;), I understand your reasoning behind the lack of discounts for domains.

    @ everyone, selling domains isn’t a very profitable business. Of course, companies make up for that by selling hosting and other stuff.

  6. Aan, the restrictions for this domain apply to NEW purchases or transfers of com/net/org/info/biz, only for ONE year. If you’re renewing your domain or purchasing for more than one year, it won’t work, but I guarantee it works under the stipulations expressed above and in the post.

  7. Coupon code didn’t work for me. I had 3 domains in my cart, all one year – I was expecting it to discount one. Said it was expired.

  8. Hamish, please look at the July 2014 coupon codes post, not the June 2014 coupon codes, as it’s no longer June and thus has expired.

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